Theoretical Advances of Art Therapy

TAoAT 2002 Conference

The TAoAT 2002 Conference met on Saturday, October 19th at the Lakeside Conference Centre, University of Aston, Birmingham UK.

190 art therapists from the UK, Finland, Sweden and Australia attended The general feeling on the day was that this had been a successful and stimulating occasion. A fuller report with photos will appear in Newsbriefing, the quarterly newsletter for UK Art Therapists, and on the TAoAT website.

One issue outstanding was the prospect of publishing the papers from the conference on the TAoAT website and there was some discussion of this during conference closing remarks. The informal and experimental nature of many of the papers, and the fact that some of the longer papers were due to be published elsewhere, makes publication on the 'net  problematic for the presenters. However the TAoAT organisers are giving thought to extending the life of the conference through using  the TAoAT website.

We will be updating this web site with news about the conference and other activities. For a list of new and updated items see our updates page. (latest update 9/1/2003)