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My background is in Fine Art and in Philosophy. I trained as an art therapist in 1984 in the first year of the Sheffield Course. Since then I have worked primarily in the field of Adult Mental Health. I completed a training in psychotherapy in 1991 and I have worked as a psychotherapist in the NHS since 1994. I am currently based in a community psychology and psychotherapy service where I am employed as a Consultant Adult Psychotherapist and as Lead Clinician for adult psychotherapy services in  the area. I have also lectured on the Diploma Course in Art Psychotherapy at the University of Sheffield since 1994.

I came to art therapy with an interest in the subjects of thinking and imagination as these processes run through our various ways of talking and picturing. Over the last fifteen or so years of clinical work I have come to see how precariously established these idioms of self are, and how easily damaged. As these two strands of my experience have become interwoven, my area of research has become focussed on the ways in which psychic trauma leaves it traces on our patterns of symbolisation and communication. 

Abstract of paper for TAoAT 2002

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