Dr Chris Wood Dr Chris Wood


I am fortunate to have worked in the public sector in both higher education and the health service for many years. Currently I am associated with the art psychotherapy course at the University of Sheffield, but I also continue to work with a small number of health service clients in Sheffield. 

The majority of my clients have a history of psychosis and currently most of my written work is concerned with the use of art therapy with this client group in the public sector.  I am convinced that what art therapists so regularly provide for people with serious mental disorders is a chance to be given careful attention on a number of different levels and that this for them as for everyone is really valuable. Nevertheless, in this area of practice there is pressing need to gather additional evidence. 

In both teaching and clinical work I am interested in the relationship between art therapy, psychotherapy and the socio-political context of the client’s life and the therapist’s work.

Abstract of paper for TAoAT 2002

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